Ruth Fagan


My name is Ruth Fagan and I am from Curragha in Co. Meath. I graduated in 2021 from the University of Limerick with an undergraduate degree in Applied Languages where I majored in Spanish, French and Marketing. I joined the Jameson International Graduate Programme in August 2021 and was based in Barcelona for my fist 12-month placement. I am now moving onto my next placement as Jameson Brand Ambassador based in the heart and home of Jameson Irish Whiskey in Dublin.

What attracted you to the grad programme?

I´ve always had a keen interest in marketing and a passion for learning languages and immersing myself in different cultures. The Jameson International Graduate Programme is the perfect combination of these interests. It´s a way of starting your marketing career for a global brand working in international markets whilst acquiring invaluable business skills along the way. When applying for the programme I was able to see exactly what the role entailed by connecting with the programmes social media channels and also listening to the Jameson International Graduate Programme podcast. The Instagram takeovers by Brand Ambassadors in markets around the world was really useful in giving me an insight into the role.

What is the graduate programme like?

No two days are the same as a Jameson Brand Ambassador. This is one of the reasons why I love it the role so much. My main focus while I was based in Spain was to build brand awareness. Brand Education and Brand Activation were key to my role as a Brand Ambassador. One day I could be running masterclasses with the bartending community, the next, hosting a Jameson pop-up event where local artists get to share their talents with the wider community. What I enjoy most about the role is being able to identify opportunities for the Jameson brand in-market that can connect with relevant culture points.

How important is mentorship to you?

The programme offers countless opportunities to learn from other people. With Brand Ambassadors in 39 countries around the world, it is an amazing global community to be part of and to draw inspiration from. By staying connected with this global community I get key insights into how the brand is being activated in their markets and how this could be applied to my own. This year, we were also given the opportunity to take part in a mentor-mentee programme where I had a peer mentor which was very valuable as they could share their experiences and knowledge.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Over the next five years I want to explore and develop my skills in marketing and build a career in brand management. For that reason, I am looking forward to expanding my responsibilities within my role and looking to lead bigger projects for the brand. The Jameson Brand Ambassador Programme is bursting with opportunities to develop both personally and professionally and I am very excited to see where it can take me in the years to come. My aim is to continue to build my career within Irish Distillers and Pernod Ricard.

What’s your advice to people applying to the programme?

The application is unique. It involves an online written application and a supporting 2-minute video application where you get to showcase your experience. My advice would be to take your time with your application and plan it out. This is your one chance to showcase your Serious Character and wow the team at Irish Distillers. Make a list of all your relevant experience as well as what you´re passionate about and, most importantly, be yourself!