Jameson’s World

We like to consider ourselves storytellers, and for us it all began in 1780 when John Jameson set up shop in Dublin. With centuries of barrelmen (and women) laying the foundation there’s never been a better time to add your chapter to the story.

Act Local, Think Global

In 1975 Pernod met Ricard, and through a series of acquisitions and organic growth, the group now stands as global co-leaders in the wine and spirits industry, operating in over 70 countries with over 19,000 employees. Pernod Ricard owns some of the world’s most iconic spirits brands, including Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal, Havana Club, Jacob’s Creek, and of course, Jameson Irish Whiskey.

To learn more about Group Pernod Ricard, visit www.pernod-ricard.com.

The Hero

The story of Jameson is one best told in the company of friends, so pull up a stool and we’ll do our best to keep it short.

Everything you need to know is right there on our bottle. In 1780, John Jameson founded the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin and since then our story, like our whiskey, has travelled across many borders and been translated into many languages. Despite this, our Irish accent has never changed, and our family motto still remains on every bottle. ‘Sine Metu’, translated as ‘without fear’ sums up the adventurous and fearless spirit of the world’s best selling Irish Whiskey. As a Jameson Brand Ambassador you will carry forward this responsibility to live and work ‘Sine Metu’.

To learn more about Jameson visit www.jamesonwhiskey.com.

Our Voice

Our story is over two centuries old, and our message is constantly evolving, but everything we say comes back to “Sine Metu”. Our advertising has become as iconic as our whiskey, where every campaign is a confident stamp of approval of living and working “without fear”. It’s not just how we speak, but who we speak to – through our advertising campaigns and sponsorship of events like Done in 60 Seconds and Jameson First Shot we make sure the Jameson brand is moving in the right circles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has always formed an extremely important part of the Jameson identity and brand values. We feel that it is important that we make a positive contribution to society and the community that we find ourselves in.

You can learn more about the CSR of Irish Distillers here.

Our People

Working in Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard is not all about barley and barrels, we’re an eclectic bunch with many different talents from many different backgrounds. We are made up over 500 enthusiastic, passionate and hard-working people who fulfil a range of positions over a number of disciplines.

As the current holder of the Jameson brand identity, we don’t take this role lightly. For many of us, being a successful Brand Ambassador was a foot in the door to bigger and better things within Irish Distillers.

To learn more about Irish Distillers, visit www.irishdistillers.ie.