Fionn Carty 

Valenica, Spain

Fionn is a Dublin City University graduate with a degree in Global Business with Spanish. He always knew that the Jameson International Brand Ambassador Programme was the career path he wanted to go down and here is why.

When/ how did you decide you wanted to be part of the Jameson International Brand Ambassador Programme?

During college I was following the programmes social channels and decided it was something I was really interested in. I speak Spanish and I always wanted to work abroad after college so watching all the Instagram takeovers from Brand Ambassadors in different cities around the world made me really want to apply.

What market were/ are you working in?

I’m currently in my third year in Valencia, Spain. I was delighted to be sent here in my first year, but I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. Before the programme I saw myself wanting to move around to different markets, but I really enjoy the city and the role of Brand Ambassador here in Spain. Also, each year there have been new opportunities to grow so I ended up asking to stay here.

Do you speak an international language & do/ did you use this as part of your market placement?

I spoke Spanish before starting the programme having lived in Madrid and Mexico City. Being able to speak Spanish is crucial for working in Spain. None of my colleagues in Valencia speak English, and all my interactions with bars and consumers are also in Spanish so I am always using the language.

What characteristics do you have that help you effectively do your job as Brand Ambassador?

I am a very social person which is very important in this role. As a Brand Ambassador I am always interacting with colleagues, clients or consumers which is something you have to enjoy doing as part of the role.

What is the most rewarding thing about being part of the Jameson International Graduate Programme?

I find that being involved in organizing a successful event that engages consumers is rewarding. I get enjoyment from seeing people enjoy themselves and I enjoy getting to introduce them to the Jameson brand.

What is the most challenging thing about being a Jameson Brand Ambassador?

Although I enjoy constantly interacting with different people as a Brand Ambassador, it is also the most challenging part of the role. While a large majority of interactions are very positive, every now and then it is inevitable to have a negative experience with somebody. It´s important to be resilient and not take a bad interaction personally. I take the time to reflect on such interaction to look for the learning in it and this helps in ensuring I remain happy and effective in my role.

How has the programme helped you to develop your own personal brand?

On the programme they encourage you to develop your personal brand and provide guidance on how to do so. At different points on the programme development programme ‘Distill Your Own Success’ we receive advice on how to do so. In Valencia, due to the nature of the role I have developed a great network of contacts. I have had great exposure in Valencia from having a job where you are constantly meeting people and carrying out so many activations and collaborations.

What skills do you feel you have developed through the Jameson International Graduate Programme?

I think my self-confidence and resilience have developed through the programme. The challenging experiences I mentioned earlier definitely develop those skills. Also, having to step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis has developed these skills. In my role in Valencia, I have had to speak in front of camera for various projects, which is not something I would have been comfortable doing before the programme. The video application part of the application process help get you used to being in front and talking to camera. I think these types of new challenges have helped me develop these skills.

Outside of the day job what do you do for fun?

There are constantly great gigs on in Valencia which is a massive plus for me. I go to as many as I can. In the summer months I also love to spend a lot of my free time on the beach with friends.

What is your favourite memory from your time on the programme so far?

Our biggest events of the year called Jameson Connects always stand out in my mind. These events are when we put our best foot forward as a brand, and the events have a great atmosphere. A big plus is that all Spanish Brand Ambassadors come together to work together to support the event. Having other BAs in the same market is a huge plus in Spain, so its great when we get to work closely together at these events.

Any tips for anyone applying for the role of Brand Ambassador?

Make use of all the help available! The Jameson International Brand Ambassador Programme is unlike any other on offer, and it’s important to understand that when applying. Not only that, but it varies massively from one market to another. Luckily, there are a massive amount of helpful resources that explain what it involves and how it can vary from one country to another. My advice is to make the most of these resources to understand what it is your applying for. Then show how your own skills and experiences will make you a suitable candidate for this role. Follow the programmes social channels, watch the Instagram takeovers and the Youtube channel is a great resource, listen to the podcast on Spotify, read the website and then combine your understanding of the role with your own strengths in your application.