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a key pillar of our programme


a key pillar of our programme

Training and Development

A strong pipeline of talent

At Irish Distillers and Pernod Ricard, we believe that an investment in our graduates is an investment in our future.

Our training and development programme is a key pillar of our programmes success. Through it we make sure our Brand Ambassadors and Graduate Distillers are as prepared as possible before taking on their new roles.

To achieve this, we apply a 70/20/10 approach to our training and development programme.

70%: On-the-job-learning

The bulk of learning our graduates receive during their time on the programme is by 'on-the-ground' experience.

Our International Brand Ambassadors develop a very strong skill-set though delivering education sessions, putting digital marketing strategies together, organising events, working with various teams and in foreign markets (to names just a few examples).

Our Graduate Distillers develop strong analytical, technical and communication skills through identifying and implementing process improvements, process optimisation, reducing carbon footprint and carrying out brand ambassadorial work.

We also want to make sure that our Brand Ambassadors and Graduate Distillers are as prepared as possible before taking on their new roles, and that they grow both personally and professional during their time with us.

From event management to becoming top-class presenters, our graduates tend to be very well prepared to enter more permanent positions after they leave the programme, be it with us or otherwise.

Video: A Day in the Life of a Brand Ambassador

20%: Learning through feedback and reflection

Whilst learning through doing plays a huge part in the training and development of our graduates, we also feel that regular feedback with your manager, both in your foreign market and your line manager based in Irish Distillers, is extremely important.

This allows all graduates to understand areas where they might need to up-skill, but also to gain a better perspective on where their strengths lie.

Clear performance measures are put in place so Brand Ambassadors and Graduate Distillers know what success looks like for them in their roles.

Our Brand Ambassadors are the eyes and ears of our brand on the ground in markets all over the world and their insights are invaluable. Brand Ambassadors report back on a regular basis on what they see, hear and experience in market.

Shane our Brand Ambassador based in Dubai & Sana our Brand Ambassador based in Tokyo learn from our Master Cooper Ger Buckley in our Distillery in Midleton, Cork


10%: Formal Learning

As stated above, making sure that our graduates are as well-prepared as possible to take on their new roles is crucial.

10% of our training model is what we call ‘formal training’, and apart from the various workshops that take place throughout the year, there are two major formal training events for our graduates every year; 4-week Induction Training Programme, which takes place annually from mid-July to mid-August between Dublin and Cork for incoming graduates, and the Global Ambassador Summit, held in early January every year.

Our award-winning 4-week Induction Training Programme is centered around preparing our new graduates so that they execute the strategy for the Jameson brand in their new market with excellence. Incoming graduates learn about the history, heritage and production process behind our world-renowned Irish whiskey, the marketing strategy behind its growth in recent years, influencer and digital marketing, brand activation amongst many other areas.

Induction Training Programme kicks off in our Head Office, Dublin and includes 1-week in the Irish Whiskey Academy in Midleton, Cork.

video: Graduate Induction Training Programme


The Global Ambassador Summit (or ‘GAS’ as it’s fondly known) is a three-day learning event whereby the Jameson International Brand Ambassadors from Years 1 to 3 come together to share ideas, give updates on their markets and learn about upcoming strategy for the Jameson whiskey brand globally. For many, some of the best memories of their time on the programme comes from this three-day bonanza.

During GAS we recognise and reward graduate’s success through the Jameson Graduate Programme Awards – The Jemmies.

Video: Global Ambassador Summit