Recyling Story

Cheers to that

Pull up a stool and let us share our recycling story with you. Now, we’re not ones for blowing our own trumpets, but some things are worth celebrating, like the fact all our Jameson bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable.

Jameson Bottle Fireworks

Our bottle's recycling story starts when you finish

Jameson Bottle Lamp

Once you enjoy what’s inside our 750ml and 1 litre bottle, you can bring it to your local bottle bank (recycling centre or recycling bin) so it can be enjoyed in different ways in the future, or simply Google ‘Jameson Bottle Reuse’ for some bright ideas on how to reuse it.

What about the 500ml plastic bottle, we hear you ask?

Jameson Bottle Recycling

Same deal. It can also be recycled. However, there are a couple of small red differences. The cap and ring. They must be removed. For now. Promise we’re working on it.

Jameson Sandwich board

In order for your bottle to be recycled all the liquid must be gone. We recommend you get a friend to help you. Enjoy emptying responsibly.

Our Can?

Jameson You Can

We all can. Just make sure your local recycling centre can actually recyle aluminium cans. It can differ around the world. And like all our other vessels, please make sure there is no liquid left.

Thinking outside the (gift) box

Jameson Giftbox

Our cardboard Gift Boxes are also 100% recycable. To make this happen we’ve removed all plastic inserts so you don’t have to separate them from the cardboard box. With your help they can be the gift boxes that keep on giving.

Our canisters contain all the right stuff too

Jameson Canister

You guessed it, they are 100% recyclable too. And before you give them new life, don’t forget to separate your glass bottle from the canister. There are different recycling homes for different materials.

Jameson Tips Neon

This is where we’d like to shine a light on some handy tips for you.

  • If you’re unsure about anything just check with your local recycling partner.
  • Open out cardboard boxes and squash boxes to give you more room in your recycling bin.
  • Separate the bottle from any secondary packaging and place in the relevant waste stream. This really helps recycling centres out and makes sure what you planned to get recycled gets recycled properly.
  • All clean and dry recyclables must be placed loosely in your bin.
  • Glass recycling is a closed loop system so put your empty glass bottles into your nearest glass recycling bin/bank to ensure it comes back again as a green glass bottle.
  • Where possible separate the glass bottle to be recycled by colour. This allows the industry to ensure that new glass bottles match the colour standards required by glass container customers.