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Recruitment Process


Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Steps outlined below

Online applications for both Jameson Graduate Programmes open the last week in September each year. The application process includes a brief written application and the submission of a supporting 2-minute video application. Both elements provide you with the chance to show us you have serious character and tell your story, your way.

The closing date for both programmes differ so be sure to check, and double check, the closing date for the programme you are interested in. For successful applicants both programmes have a start date in mid-July each year.

If you have any questions as your work your way through your online application, you can contact us through our live chat function.

A few key tips:

International Graduate Programme

To apply for this 3-year rotational programme you can have studied any discipline. We currently have graduates from disciples that range from law to archaeology, drama studies to Arts on our programme. While we don’t mind what you have studied you must have a full, clean driving licence, or be in the process of attaining one, to apply for this programme. We hire for 8 main languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. While it’s preferable to speak an international language, it is by no means a requirement and there are plenty of English-speaking markets, such as the UK, Canada, US and Australia.

Distiller Graduate Programme

For this programme you must have a degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Process Technology, Brewing & Distilling. Whilst having a full, clean driving licence is preferred, it's not required for this programme.

Written Application Hints & Tips:

When reviewing applications, we start with the written application, so this is your opportunity to give us an insight into your true character and ensure that first impressions count.

  • Read through the written application and start to plan out your answers.
  • Write your answer to each question out in a separate document and save this. If you start writing your answer into the online form straight away you may have spelling or punctuation mistakes. Plus, this means you have a saved copy of all your answers for your own personal records. Handy!
  • If you speak an international language be honest about your proficiency in that language in your application. Honesty is always the best policy!
  • Be as clear and concise as possible

This is your story, tell it your way. Fill in each field of the online written application as honestly and as well as possible. If you have any uncertainties along the way you can contact us or check out our FAQs.

Video Application Hints & Tips:

  • Shoot in landscape (that’s the sideways one).
  • Record in the highest quality possible – don’t worry, our servers can take it.
  • Try to avoid background noise, unless you’re going for a crowd scene...
  • Should you have any questions regarding your upload, you can contact us for help.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your video application check out Rebecca's video. Rebecca joined the programme in 2017 as Jameson Brand Ambassador based in Milan, Italy and is now based in New York.

Video: Rebecca's successful application

Our dedicated HR and Graduate Recruitment team go through each completed application individually. Online applications for the Graduate Distiller Programme close at 1pm on Friday 9th November 2018. Offers for the Assessment centre Round 1 will be sent mid-November. Closing date for the International Graduate Programme is 1pm on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

To help us select the next generation of Jameson Graduate Distiller or Jameson Brand Ambassador we invite applicants that have been successful at screening stage to attend assessment centre. Assessment Centre are a great way for us to get to know you and you to get to know us as a company.

Assessment Centre for the Graduate Distiller Programme is typically held before Christmas. For the International Graduate Programme ROUND 1 Assessment Centre is held in late-February and ROUND 2 is held in April.

Assessment Centre is an extremely enjoyable experience, and candidates are assessed on a number of different character traits through the following activities:

  • 2-minute Presentation
  • Group Exercise
  • Language Assessment (where a candidate speaks to an intermediate – fluent level)
  • Face-to-face interview

For a sneak peak into assessment centre check out the video below.

For the Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme, candidates can expect to find out if they have been successful for the programme by end of December.

After Round 2 Assessment takes place, candidates can expect to find out if they have been successful for the programme by mid-May. Every candidate gets a feedback report on how they performed in assessment centre activities.

Start date for both graduate programmes is mid-July each year.

Got questions

Our most frequently asked questions

The Graduate Distiller Programme is two years.
On completion of your Induction training you will be based in either Midleton Distilleries in Cork or Fox and Geese Bottling Plant in Dublin where you will take up your position as a Jameson Graduate Distiller.
Absolutely! Learning from the best, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to fulfil your role as a Jameson Graduate Distiller. There will be opportunity to get involved in various exciting projects and to make your own mark! In addition, you will work closely with your Line Manager who will outline your specific objectives, however you will be encouraged to follow John Jameson’s lead and take the initiative in your work.
Not for the Graduate Distiller role, but it’s a nice to have!
We have many success stories about careers that have launched within Production as a result of The Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme, our most recent one being the launch of our new Micro Distillery in Midleton which is being run by a former Jameson Graduate Distiller. If an opportunity becomes available, you are limited only by your own ambitions and dedication.
We look for well rounded, confident, charismatic and passionate personalities. We’ll encourage and develop these attributes and broaden your skills within production, presentations, creative thinking, project management and entrepreneurship.
We're a social bunch and we attract like-¬minded people. All new graduates will work together during the initial induction training. Not forgetting the Brand Ambassadorial element to the Jameson Graduate Distiller role, you will have opportunities to attend various events from time to time.
Paper applications may have been the cutting edge in John Jameson’s day, but today we expect graduates to be comfortable with an online digital process. Also, video plays a big part in our application process so a regular CV or cover letter is not going to cut it.
The Jameson International Graduate Programme and the Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme are the only programmes we have. This allows us to focus all our attention on the next generation of Jameson careers.
For our Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme we need our graduates to have more specific backgrounds in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Process Technology, Brewing & Distilling. Bonus points if you can supplement your academic background with some real life experience. If you are in any doubt about your course content being relevant, then just ask us!
Unfortunately you can’t defer your place. Most candidates jump at this once in a lifetime opportunity, however we do understand that some people may not be in a position to accept an offer, due to circumstances beyond their control. For these individuals we ask them to stay in touch and re-¬apply the following year.
Each year we recruit two Jameson Graduate Distillers.
You'll get a competitive remuneration package and a laptop, but that’s just the superficial stuff, what you ultimately get is the opportunity to kick-start a lifelong career with Irish Distillers.
We will conduct an intensive 8-week induction training programme between Head Office in Dublin, Fox & Geese Bottling Plant in Clondalkin and Midleton Distilleries in Cork. This will give you solid grounding before taking up your role as Jameson Graduate Distiller.
Once we receive all applications and videos, a rigorous consideration process begins. We pride ourselves on the quality of our recruits, so bear with us. You've put a lot of time into submitting your application so we like to ensure we put the time into reviewing your application. When we’ve made our decision, successful applicants will be notified and invited to a first round assessment.
At first round assessment centre for our Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme, candidates will be asked to prepare a short presentation and will undergo group competency assessment. This will be with HR and members of our Production Team who will determine your overall suitability for the Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme.
Successful candidates who make it to Round Two will again be assessed on their presentation skills and competencies, and will have to undergo interviews with HR & members of our Production team.
Getting accepted as a Jameson Graduate Distiller is quite the achievement, as we only hire the best candidates. We expect all of our Graduates to work hard but the reward is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your career!
  • Visit YouTube.com and sign in or create an account
  • Click ‘Upload’ at the top right of the home page
  • Select your file to upload
  • Click the dropdown menu and select ‘Unlisted’
  • If you set it to Private we will not be able to see it!
  • Unlisted means that only people with the link to the video can view it.
  • Click 'Done'
  • Congratulations! Your video has been uploaded – copy and paste the link!
  • Visit Vimeo.com and either sign in or create an account
  • Click ‘Upload’ in the top right hand corner
  • On the Privacy drop down box, select ‘Only People with the Private Link’
  • Then click choose file to upload and select your video
  • Once your video has finished uploading, click the green box 'Upload complete! Go to video'
  • From here you can preview your video
  • Congratulations! Your video has been uploaded – copy and paste the link!