Jameson Graduate Programme Podcast


A podcast all about the Jameson International Graduate Programme. Welcome back to the Jameson Graduate Programme Podcast Season 2. Join our host, Podge Henry, each week as he interviews current Brand Ambassadors, programme alumni & senior leaders at Irish Distillers & Pernod Ricard. This 6-episode series focuses on a different part of the Jameson International Graduate Programme each week. Topics include why choose the programme, the application process, language & culture, Distill Your Own Success & examples of post programme Career Journey’s. These episodes aim to share insights into the programme & how it supports you both personally & professionally. You’ll get to know all about that #SeriousCharacter we look for in candidates.

Listen below to hear all episodes of the podcast.

S1E1 The role of a Jameson Brand Ambassador With guest Kevin O’Neill 30:20
S1E2 Serious Character – What’s it all about? With guest Emma Walsh 22:17
S1E3 Graduate Programme Structure - International Experience & Rotations With guest Conor Friel 28:33
S1E4 Getting the Work/Life Balance Right With guest Shane Dempsey 22:18
S1E5 Distill Your Own Success – Personal & Professional Development With guest Allan Ologa 28:52
S1E6 yourFUTURE - Career Progression Opportunities With guest Sisi O’Driscoll 28:29
S2E1 Why choose the Jameson International Graduate Programme? With guests Sinéad D’Arcy & Brendon Gonouya 32:52
S2E2 Application Process Hints & Tips With guest Martin Baldassarre 28:31
S2E3 Language & Culture With guest Thomas O’Brien 28:36
S2E4 Staying Connected (The Power of Peer-to-Peer Learning) With guest Paula Phelan 27:38
S2E5 Sustainable Mindset With guest Tendai O’Connor 38:15
S2E6 Learning from Leaders With guest Simon Fay 56:33
S2E7 Bonus Episode: Learning from Leaders With guest Claire Tolan 37:40
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