Language Opportunities

Leverage your language skills on an International Brand Ambassador placement

Owing to the global nature of our International Graduate Programme, competency in any of the following languages is highly desirable: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese. Of course, fluency in English is essential as this is the business language of Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.

While an international language isn’t a requirement to apply for the international programme, it certainly goes a long way. Of the 90 Brand Ambassadors currently on the programme, almost 80% have a second language. This year we welcomed 40 new brand ambassadors, many of whom will be using their international language on a day-to-day basis, speaking to consumers and the trade about all things Jameson. The role of a Brand Ambassador is a wonderful opportunity to build confidence, improve and develop fluency in an international language, while working in a fast-paced, fun environment.

So whether you’ve been speaking French since birth, or have elected to study it at University level, the Jameson International Graduate Programme offers you the perfect chance to bring your language skills to the next level.

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