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Pot still training

At Irish Distillers and Pernod Ricard, we believe that an investment in our graduates is an investment in our future.

The graduate programme is designed to give you ownership of your career aspirations, supported by the training and practical experience needed to help you succeed. We use a Problem-Based Learning approach which is supported by world class Lean Methodologies to facilitate your learning and development. This methodology promotes long term knowledge retention and helps you develop transferable skills. During your graduate training programme, you will grow your leadership skills and will learn to work effectively as part of a high-performance production team.


Our Onboarding Programme gives our graduates a rounded view of all aspects of our business. Incoming graduates learn about the history, heritage and production process behind our world-renowned Irish whiskey in our headquarters in Ballsbridge, before moving to either the Cork or Dublin facility to undertake a local onboarding programme.


Our rotations are designed to give you a holistic view of Production while offering variety, skills development and project work. Rotations will range from 3 to 9 months. Our rotations in Midleton will include Engineering, Operations and the Micro-Distillery. At our bottling facility you will have an opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of operational functions, including Bottling Operations, Engineering, and Continuous Improvement.

Technical Skills Development

In Cork, you will build your technical expertise with both theoretical and practical training. You will be trained on equipment which includes distillation pots, distillation columns, vessels, pumps, valves and instrumentation, boilers, conveyor belts, heat exchangers, automation control systems and more. Your training will include ISO standards, environmental standards, batch brewing, pot stills and water treatment processes.

In Dublin, you will have the opportunity to work with our fully automated process systems and packaging equipment.

You will also participate in courses at The Irish Whiskey Academy (located in County Cork on the grounds of the Old Midleton Distillery) focused on the production and heritage of Irish whiskey produced at Midleton.

Mentoring & Buddy Framework

To support your career development, you’ll be assigned a mentor who will share insights and experience. The purpose of a mentor is to encourage and empower your development, while helping you build your knowledge and confidence. Your mentor will be a member of the Senior Management Team and will partner with you throughout your 2-year journey.

To complement your mentoring and to support your integration you will also be supported by a buddy. You and your buddy will have regular check-ins, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about organisation practices, culture, processes and systems.

Personal Development

Our aim is to help you realise your potential and achieve remarkable results. We are committed to not only supporting your technical skills development but also to helping you build and grow your leadership skills and capability. To help achieve this we work with you on your personal development planning and offer a range of learning opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Project Work

Project work will give you the opportunity to collaborate with cross functional teams and drive your own learning. It will also help you develop your problem solving, critical reasoning and time management skills. As part of the Programme, you will get involved in Engineering projects that maybe related to anything from process, equipment, operational excellence or sustainability.

How to apply

  • Applications open September 2021 for Engineers commencing our Programme on 1st of Sept 2022.
  • Level 8 or 9 degree is required
  • To apply you should be an upcoming or recent graduate of Process & Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics, Design or Automation Engineering.
  • We encourage you to apply as soon as possible. We will be conducting video interviews throughout September and October.
  • Please read our Frequently Asked Questions before you start the application process. These questions are very important to ensure you have a seamless application experience.

Applications open September 2021