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Career Progression

Career Progression

What can the Jameson Graduate Programme do for your career?

Becoming a Jameson brand ambassador is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have serious character, are willing to work hard, and give it your all, there is no limit to where the programme can take you.

During your time as an ambassador you will be assessed on your performance which will then decide on your progression into your second and third year. While year 1 and 2 your role is a brand ambassador in year 3 your role will advance to Brand Development Executive. Along with your title, your responsibilities will change however, your knowledge and skills will develop across all three years.


Neil Flannery, Assistant Brand Manager International Marketing, Australia

  1. Jameson Brand Ambassador Warsaw, Poland
  2. Jameson Brand Ambassador Sydney, Australia
  3. Brand Development Executive Sydney, Australia

We also want to make sure that our are as prepared as possible before taking on their new roles, and that they grow both personally and professionally during their time with us.

The Jameson Graduate Programmes provide graduates with a variety of skills that open the doors to many different career paths. Graduates of the International Brand Ambassador Programme have moved into roles in sales, marketing, digital or education, both inside and outside of Pernod Ricard.

The opportunities are there, it’s up to you to take them! Check out below the career journeys of some serious characters who are now programme alumni.

Meet our Alumni, the people now working for Jameson after the programme


Meet The Jameson Graduate Programme Alumni