Henry Donnelly

Graduate of B(Eng) Chemical & Process Engineering @ UCC
Graduate of B(Eng) Chemical & Process Engineering @ UCC

How did you hear about the Jameson Engineering Programme?

I heard about the programme while attending a whiskey tasting and later at a careers fair in UCC. I met Karen Cotter, who was a graduate at the time. I researched the company and programme as much as possible from that point on in preparation for applying.

What appealed to you most about the Jameson Engineering Programme?

The biggest attraction was that this was not your typical job, Jameson is made in Cork and shipped to every corner of the world. While reading about the programme online it was clear that you get to become part of this success story and be proud of the part you play.

What type of person fits into the Jameson culture?

Someone with technical ability, outgoing character and an entrepreneurial spirit. Jameson seeks individuals who can think for themselves and adapt. This is clear more than ever since the Covid 19 pandemic.

What characteristics make a successful engineer at Jameson?

Problem solving, natural leadership, outgoing personal skills.

Tell us about the exposure you got as a Jameson Graduate engineer.

As a graduate you get great exposure to the whiskey production process, learning from experts in the field and experienced engineers. This progressed my own technical abilities significantly. Personally, I was fortunate to work closely with our Mater Distillers, our Operations Manager and be part of a team that worked on the installation and commissioning of the world’s largest pot stills.

What was the most rewarding part of the Jameson Engineering Programme?

The most rewarding part of the Jameson engineering programme is being able to take what you learned in university and apply it. You get to take knowledge that was delivered in the lecture hall, studied in the library, and then use it, with the guidance of those more experienced, here in a fast moving production site. Whether its seeing the completion of a project or improving efficiency of the process, it’s easy to identify what you have contributed.

What was the most challenging thing about being on the Jameson Engineering Graduate Programme?

Graduates need to be agile and adaptable. While the programme does recruit from specific courses and fields of study there are elements to the programme that will be new to any graduate but that’s what makes this experience even greater.

What technical and soft skills training did you get?

During the programme I was lucky to receive a general certificate in distilling, a green belt in lean six sigma and auditor training.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Being part of a team that successfully commissioned the garden stillhouse pot stills phase 2.

What’s your favourite memory of the programme?

The first few days in Midleton were excellent, we got to meet everyone and got extensive tours around the site giving us a sense of the sheer scale of the operation.

Would you recommend it to a friend?


Any tips for anyone applying to the programme?

Be yourself! This application is not all about technical skills, it is important to show your personality a little during the process. Our culture is often described as a family, the company wants people that can fit in to that environment and positively add to it.

Outside of the day job, what do you do for fun?

I’m mad about sport, whether its playing rugby, hockey, going for a run or watching some live sport when I can, I’m usually interested. My friends and I have set up a casual cycle on Sundays too.