Tanzania Takeover - Danny

Daniel (Danny) is our Jameson brand Ambassador based in Tanzania. Read his story to see what adventures he gets up to in Dar Es Salaam and all over the country. #Danzania

1. What was/is the most rewarding about the Jameson Graduate Programme?

There are two things that have been the most rewarding to me. The first would have to be the look of sincere gratitude I get from bartenders after every training. Before every training, a lot of the bartenders are usually sceptical about what a young guy like me could educate them on and are even reluctant about being there. However, after sharing with them the knowledge I have acquired over the course of the program and the success stories of other bartenders around the world they become extremely inspired and I can definitely see a new sense of drive and respect in their eyes that wasn’t there before. The second would have to be gradually seeing all my close friends switch to Jameson as their drink of choice.

2. How did the Jameson Graduate Programme help you in developing your own personal brand?

Believing in “Me” was something I struggled with before the programme. Now, however, with everything I have learned and experienced these past few months, my self-confidence levels have skyrocketed. The programme has also given me so much credibility in Tanzania. Over the course of 8 months, I have rubbed shoulders with several people from different industries that I have always looked up to. I can clearly see the esteem they hold toward me that might not have been there were it not for this program.

3. If time travel was possible, what piece of advice would you give to yourself just before you started the Jameson Graduate programme?

Brace yourself, it’s gonna be a roller-coaster ride.

4. Was language ever a barrier while on the programme?

Surprisingly it was. I am a native Swahili speaker and never once thought conducting my training in Swahili would ever be an issue. However, during the first few days, I struggled with translating a lot of the words and the context into Swahili so the bartenders would understand. With time, however, I found my rhythm and it’s now a piece of cake.

5. What was your most difficult obstacle to resolve while on the Jameson Graduate Programme?

Working within my budget. Immediately upon my return from the training in Ireland, I got bombarded by sponsorship proposals left and right. I realized very quickly that we do not have the budget to entertain the lion’s share of those proposals. Thus I had to carefully screen with the help of my manager what I could and couldn’t say yes to. I also learned, and still am learning how to compromise with those I have to reject. Sometimes this could lead to a counteroffer that lies within my budget or even an agreement to potentially work together later in the future when my coffers are much fuller.

6. When did you decide that you wanted to take part in the Jameson Graduate Programme?

I was quite comfortable doing photography for a living before the programme. Thus, when a friend of mine told me about the opportunity I right away said No to him. He kept bombarding me with links to the programme telling me that I should definitely apply for the job. It wasn’t until three days later when I opened those links that I knew this was indeed the perfect job for me. These were videos of other brand ambassadors around the world; I knew I had to be a part of that.

7. What did you study in college?

International Trade and Marketing in Turkey.

8. What country did you travel to?

So far I have travelled twice to Ireland for training and four times to Kenya.

9. What strengths did you make stronger through the Jameson graduate programme?

My communication skills have vastly improved. My time management skills, negotiation skills and perseverance (skills?) have also improved. Lastly, my photography skills have certainly improved as well. Photography is still a huge part of me and travelling to different places on the job has helped me to still keep in touch with that side of me.

10. What weaknesses did you improve on?

My overall self-confidence has greatly improved as well as my planning and organizing skills. I used to be very terrible at prioritizing tasks systematically, however, this job has definitely changed that for me.

11. What market were/are you in?


12. Where do you work today?

Pernod Ricard Kenya. (in Tanzania)

13. What skills learned from Jameson have been transferable to your current position?

I am still in the same position currently and the skills I have acquired that are transferable to any position are time management skills, organizing and planning skills, negotiation skills and most importantly how to be patient and to persevere.

14. Any tips for anyone applying or future brand ambassadors?

For anyone applying, be yourself in your application video and in the room during the interviews. The guys in front of you don’t bite and are rooting for you to get this more than you are aware of.

For future brand ambassadors, no two days will be the same. It’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies with the job. You can’t come in with an ego as there are sacrifices and compromises you might have to make along the way. The great news, however, is that this will be the best (damn) job of your Life.