Sisi O’Driscoll


After graduating from Trinity in 2014, I started on my Jameson International Graduate Programme adventure and was lucky enough to spend my 3 years in 3 very different countries; Cyprus, France and Sweden. Upon finishing the programme, I then started a permanent role as Assistant Brand Manager (ABM) in the Jameson Portfolio and Trade Marketing Team in the Irish Distillers Head Office in Dublin.

During my 3-years as a Jameson Brand Ambassador I got to experience different cultures and really immerse myself in the way of life of my co-workers and friends. Working in three vastly different countries allowed me to experience the challenges and opportunities for Jameson on an international level and to develop my knowledge of marketing.

I was delighted that my journey with a brand that I loved got to continue after I finished the programme and that this was based in Dublin, the heart and home of Jameson. I got to work on a variety of projects during my 2-years in Irish Distillers Head Office as part of the International Marketing Team. These projects ranged from designing new packaging, to creating new branded clothing and investigating ways we could make our products and merchandise more sustainable. Seeing the items that I had worked on for sale in our Brand Homes in the Jameson Distillery Bow St or people drinking from glassware that I created was an amazing feeling!

In August 2019, I made the move over the pond to start a role in London with another brand within the Pernod Ricard portfolio; Chivas Regal. The 5-years of experience, learnings and opportunities that Jameson and the graduate programme had given me put me in a unique position where I could take all of these skills and apply them to a completely different part of the business.

I now work on the Chivas Venture, which is a competition that supports social entrepreneurs from all over the world. It allows me to pursue my interest in S&R, social impact and sustainability but also allows me to use the knowledge and skills I developed whilst working on Jameson.

All of this international experience and the learnings and opportunities that the Jameson International Graduate Programme gave me were an amazing gateway to get to where I am today.