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Read all about Jameson Graduate Life

Alex Glynn

Market Activation Extraordinaire

Alex is a graduate of IADT and spent her first two years in the Dublin Office but has since moved to the US, first Seattle and now New York. Read about her initial start to the programme here.

What did you study in college?

Business & Arts Management. It was a great course as it focused on an array of subjects that have been transferable to my current role such as; Marketing, Advertising, Business, Accounting, Media and Event Management. In my third year work placement I hopped at the chance to work abroad and applied to jobs in New York. Soon after, I moved to Brooklyn and worked as an intern in a music venue and as a sales associate in Manhattan.

Where are you based today and what is your role?

Today I work with The International Marketing Team in the Dublin Office. This is my first year on the programme as Market Activation Assistant for Africa & Australasia. My role is focused on Training & Development for the Jameson Graduate Programme, Market related projects and being a mentor for Brand Ambassadors in Africa & Australasia. It’s exciting to see how markets differ and how Jameson is growing across the globe especially with emerging markets with huge potential that have become a key focus for Jameson.

What was/is the most rewarding aspect about the Jameson Graduate Programme?

The most rewarding aspect about the Jameson Graduate Programme is the friends I have made and the colleagues I interact with on a daily basis. Not only the people and culture at Jameson, but the opportunity to work with such an iconic global brand and the projects you work on throughout the Programme truly have a significant impact on the business. This year I project managed The Global Ambassador Summit. This is a 3-day training summit where all 75 brand ambassadors return to Dublin in December for a refresh training. The focus of the Summit is for Ambassadors to return to their market with business updates and inspiration that they can implement and share with their local team which is a crucial part for Jameson. During The Summit we also celebrated the 25 Year Celebration of the Jameson Graduate Programme and our Annual awards, The Jemmies that showcase Brand Ambassadors activations in market. It was an incredible rewarding experience to have been part of such an amazing project.

If time travel was possible, what piece of advice would you give to yourself just before you started the Jameson Graduate programme?

1. Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. – Drake…
2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

Any tips for anyone applying or future brand ambassadors?

Start building up your experience as early as you can, whether it is an internship or working abroad. Don’t worry if your degree isn’t marketing related, we have an amazing mix of Ambassadors with degrees in Physiotherapy or Science for example. Don’t let the video application process prevent you from applying to the programme and remember your written application is as important at the video too!