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Assistant Brand Manager, Dublin, TCD Graduate

Saoirse O'Driscoll

I studied Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS) in Trinity and graduated with a double major in Business and Economics in 2014.

After completing the three years of the Jameson International Graduate Programme, I am now in my post programme permanent role as Assistant Brand Manager in the Portfolio and Trade Marketing Team back in the head office in Dublin.

During my three years as a brand ambassador for Jameson, I lived and worked in 3 amazing countries: Cyprus, France and Sweden. I got to experience different cultures and really immerse myself in the way of life of my co-workers and friends. Working in three vastly different countries allowed me to experience the challenges and opportunities for Jameson on an international level and to develop my knowledge of marketing. I was the eyes and ears of Jameson and had amazing opportunities to develop and activate the brand. All of this international experience and the learnings they gave me were an amazing gateway to get to where I am today.

I’m delighted that my journey with the brand continues, especially being based in the heart and home of Jameson. I now get to work on a variety of projects that can be seen taking place all over the world. On a day to day basis, I could be working on projects such as new product launches, designing the packaging for these new products or redesigning packaging for already existing products. Or I could be developing materials for the point of purchase like a Jameson shelf display that you might see in your local off-licence. Being able to see the work you’re doing on the shelves of shops and in the bars around you is an amazing feeling!


Meet The Jameson Graduate Programme Alumni