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Bond Area Supervisor, Midleton Distillery, UCC Graduate

Michelle Leahy

I am a graduate of Process and Chemical Engineering from UCC (2015). I have recently completed my time as a Graduate Distiller after a year and 9 months on the programme. I am still based in Midleton Distillery, and my current role is as a Supervisor in the Bond area.

During my time on the Graduate Programme, I got the opportunity to work on several optimisation projects within the Bond department. I also gained invaluable, hands on experience of pot still distillations through working in the Micro Distillery. I worked in every area of the plant during my programme, and also had the opportunity to get involved in brand ambassadorial activities such as site tours and public whiskey tastings.

When I was researching graduate programs in my final year of college, the Graduate Distiller Program was one that always stood out from the crowd. It promised a huge variety of experience in the role as well as ample opportunity to develop both your technical and interpersonal skills. For me, the programme certainly delivered on all its promises. Between learning the craft of making Irish whiskey in the Micro Distillery and getting out and about at whiskey tastings educating people about our products, every day is different and presents new challenges and opportunities.

I have no doubt that this trend will continue as Midleton expands its production to meet the ever-growing demand for our products.


Meet The Jameson Graduate Programme Alumni