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Process Technologist, Midleton Distillery, UCC Graduate

Katherine Condon

Access to a magical place such as a distillery is hard to come by, so when the chance arose to apply for the Jameson Graduate Programme, I was not going to miss it.

Coming from a Process Engineering background, the Jameson Distillery fulfilled all my expectations of new hi-tech equipment and all things pot stills, pumps and pipes. During my time as a Graduate Distiller I was involved in improving fermentation yields, conducting quality trials, and commissioning new equipment. I also worked in the newly launched Micro Distillery where I created various different styles of whiskeys. The Graduate Distiller Programme was a brilliant insight into production, from grain to glass. Fast forward two years brings you to my current role – a Process Technologist. Some of the duties in this role are authorising permit to work systems for maintenance, carrying out process improvements and ensuring production targets are met.

The Jameson distillery is steeped in history and tradition. My colleagues have a great sense of pride in their work and their craftsmanship is everything to aspire to. It’s a fantastic place to practice your skills, both interpersonal and technical. There is a great social aspect to my role also, from conducting whiskey tastings to attending whiskey fairs; it really is a brilliant kick-start to your career.


Meet The Jameson Graduate Programme Alumni